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Japanese Fighting-System Jiujitsu
Fighting Jiu-Jitsu
  exam Black-Belts
Japanese Fighting-System-Jujitsu

For 1st till 5th Dan you do the federal-technical exam before a three-Sensei committee, chosen by the (JJIF recognized) Federation.

The aim of Black Belt exams is:
  • Leveling up the fighters skills to international level.
  • Bring-inn teacher degrees for the Fighting-System.
  • Bring-inn National coaching degree.
  • Bring-inn the original of Jiu-Jitsu, “self-defense against one or more attackers with and without weapon”.
The way of examining the own skill:
  • What not is in the exams are compulsory questions as (example) “do Ippon-Seoi-Nage as defense” because the system doesn’t ask for particular technics but askes technics that are built on the body and posture of the fighter and his/her opponent.
  • The system askes for “how do you defend, with your body length, body weight and posture on different attacks”.  That is what Jiu-Jitsu should be. Always adjust yourself to the circumstances in a fight. The body of the defender (and opponents) are the most important circumstance te work with.
  • The exam attacks, counterattacks and the total defends do not have to fulfill the rules of the Fighting-combat-system. All attacks, counterattacks and defends are allowed. Also use of real attacks out of traditional self-defense are recommended.
  • It is highly recommended to use 2 partners during the practical black-belt-exams, to dispose freely for the candidate
  • The fighter shall have more items for higher Dan-grades to show in a own designed exam-program. The Examiner-Sensei(s) will ask questions about the program, after seeing this program.
To be allowed for higher Dan-grades you are expected to follow courses and end them with a good result exam.
  • Courses and exams for those courses can be done in the “waiting time” after your last exam.
  • The courses will be given by the National Fighting-System Federation.
  • The exams of those courses will be taken by three chosen examiner-Sensei’s. Chosen by the National Fighting-System Federation.
  • Exams will be taken as written in this document
  • For taking exams you use the right forms.
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