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Japanese Fighting-System Jiujitsu
Fighting Jiu-Jitsu
The technical exam for Kyu-grades (color Belts)
For color belts you do the technical exam before your own Sensei.
The way of examining the own skill at color belts:
  • No compulsory questions as (example) “do Ippon-Seoi-Nage as defense” because the system doesn’t ask for particular technics but askes technics that are built on the body and posture of the fighter and his/her opponent.
  • For the technical exams counts, that for higher belts the quantity AND the quality of shown material will be higher than previous exams.
  • Attacks, counterattacks and the total defends do not have to fulfill the rules of the Fighting-combat-system. All attacks, counterattacks and defends are allowed and recommended.
  • If the quote is for example “Show, coming from part one”.   That means that you show a good combination in part one before making the assignment in part two.
  • If the quote is for example “Show, coming from part two”.   That means that you show a good throw ore take-down in part two before making the assignment in part three.
  • If the question is for example “Throw/take-down backwards”,   the fighter can choose which throw/take-down he uses to bring his partner backwards to the ground. (ex: O-Soto-Gari * O-Uchi-Gari * Tani-Otoshi * Morote-Gari). He/she takes his/her own specialty.
  • The system askes for “how do you work, with your body length, body weight and posture on different situations”.
  • Exams will be taken as written in this document
  • For taking exams you use the right forms.
Examples for exam Kyu-Belts Japanese Fighting-System-Jujitsu
The techniques you see are examples.
You can do techniques your own way,
 as long they cover the demands
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My gratitude goes to:
My wife Diana, Sempai Andrea and my pupils Joey and Marwan for their selflessly cooperation with the films
They did not train for it in advance but it will give you an idea

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