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(Version 1.9 / 2018)

ENGLISCH rules of   Newaza-System-Jujitsu

(Version xx / August 2015)

Working from 1st January 2016

Topic: Changes of Jiu-Jitsu (Ne-Waza) Rules (download)

Objective: actualization and update In order to keep our rules updated in face of game evolution of top level athletes             Supporter: Technical Congress 2018.

Enter into force: 1.1.2019

1. Grammatical review and change some terms and definitions to better and no ambiguous understanding;
2. New gesture when an athlete grabs the opponent’s sleeves or pant legs with one or more fingers placed inside the garment.
3. While in any position starting from guard, where the athletes remain on their feet for 3 seconds, the combat shall then be considered standing combat.
4. If while attacking from top position, such as an arm-bar, for example, the athlete ends up on bottom and does not use his/her legs to prevent the opponent from reaching side-control, no points or advantages shall be awarded for the guard pass, according to the definition of guard
5. When an athlete applies a takedown or series of takedowns and the opponent returns to their feet before stabilization is achieved on the ground.

The advantage shall only be awarded when there is no longer a possibility of completing the takedown attempt

6. When the athlete passing guard stacks the opponent, or allows the opponent to roll back his/herself, controlling the opponent’s back in four-point-kneeling position and maintaining at least one knee on the ground, without needing to place hooks: ADVANTAGE

7. When starting from guard (or from pulling guard) the athlete achieves half-guard control over the opponent, but does not solidify the pass in the ensuing sequence: ADVANTAGE

8. When the athlete unbalances the opponent through a sweep attempt and reaches top position, but is unable to stabilize the position for 3 seconds: ADVANTAGE

9. The athlete who initiates a sweep movement, but deliberately gives up the top position in order to preserve a defensive position, shall not be awarded an advantage for the sweep

10. No advantage shall be awarded when an athlete attempting a single-leg takedown traps the opponent’s leg and drags the opponent to outside the combat area, obliging the referee to interrupt the combat.

11. ( NEW TEXT ADD 20 SEC FOR PANTS ADJUST) When an athlete takes more than 20 seconds to re-adjust their(his/her) uniform, they shall be penalized in a consecutive manner (20 seconds for Gi top and belt, 20 seconds for identification belt, and 20 seconds for tying the drawstring of the pants, when necessary).

12. When being attacked by a submission hold an athlete commits a penalty that obliges the referee to interrupt the match: SEVERE FOUL

13. Stalling 10 seconds

14. Mandatory 1 m safety area

15. Appendix at end of the Rules book with uniform requirements, weight divisions and weight-in rules

16. Golden Score in case of draw in finals.
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