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Japanese Fighting-System Jiujitsu
Fighting Jiu-Jitsu
In the next pages you'll see an explanation of the Japanese Fighting-system Jiu-Jitsu.
It is not made only for Japan. Every nation or country can use this system as their way of degree promotion. Or use the Japanese Fighting-system Jiu-Jitsu as a second or third system in their country. The National Federation can use the system without charge. The only thing I ask is to mention to me when you going to use it.
If you want, I can help with life training / courses or through Zoom.

To encourage the training of Japanese jujitsu in Fighting System
we use a belt promotion system.

Explaining the system
There is a minimum time you will practice FS (Fighting System) before you can do the technical part of the     exam for your next belt. In that time you can gather your points you need in competition.
If minimum time is past and you have enough points you can do the technical exam. This is an exam with favorite techniques of the fighter
Fighting System is a competition martial art, so first gather the full points needed for the next belt.
For fighters of 30 and older with a valid reason, the demand of competition points can be deleted or minimized from the demands. This is a task for the federation.  If so, the technical part must be from a higher level.
The (national) federation can commit a minimum age for each belt.
Points schedule for competition  
  • The points you need to take part at the technical exam are: Yellow, 5 * Orange, 10 * Green, 15  *
Bleu, 30 * Brown, 50 * 1st Dan, 75 * 2nd Dan, 100
  • For color belts you do the technical exam before your own sensei
  • For 1st till 5th Dan you do a full technical exam before a three-sensei commission from the (national) federation recognized by the JJIF

Minimum time to get the next belt
White to Yellow, 6 month
Yellow to Orange, 9 month
Orange to Green, 1 year
Green to Bleu, 1½ years
Bleu to Brown, 1½ years
Brown to 1st Dan, 2 years
1st to 2nd Dan, 2 years
2nd to 3rd Dan, 3 years
3rd to 4th Dan, 4 years
4th to 5th Dan, 5 years
For every next Dan 5 years
Exceptional promotion
(without technical exam)
  • When a fighter becomes 2 times National champ and has Brown belt, he will be promoted to 1st Dan.
  • When a fighter becomes Continental champ and has Black belt 1st Dan, he will be promoted to 2nd Dan.
  • When a fighter becomes World champ or Worldgames champ and has Black belt 2nd Dan, he will be promoted to 3rd Dan.                    
  • 6th till 10th Dan can be granted by the National Federation and/or the Ju-Jitsu International Federation to those fighters that helps to the evolution of the Fighting-System in the world. Example a fighter or referee that is active at world level for a long period.                  
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