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Japanese Fighting-System Jujitsu
Fighting Ju-Jitsu

To encourage the training of Japanese jujitsu in Fighting System
we use a teachers guiding diagram.

In this diagram you'll find a teacher’s guide with possibility’s to use in a learning process for your students.
There is no commitment to use it, tough it is a guide to make all belts in the world have the same standards as a minimum.  
The Japanese Fighting-system Ju-Jitsu program is made for fighters in combat. So they use their best techniques in their exam. But we need a minimum of knowledge for each belt. Similar techniques that replaces standards are allowed.
Again….   We don’t tell teachers how to educate their pupil. That’s for the teacher to arrange. The diagram only gives a guide to a level we need to standard our belts.
We wish all teacher’s in the world that use the Japanese Fighting-system Ju-Jitsu many champions.
Peter Smid

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