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Japanese Fighting-System Jujitsu
Fighting Ju-Jitsu
In this page you'll see a sober explanation of the Japanese Fighting-system Ju-Jitsu.
If you are interested you can ask the complete program. There is no charche.

To encourage training of Japanese jujitsu and the Fighting System
we use a belt promotion system.

The Japanese Fighting Grading System is the way of earning the belts in a non-traditional way, because it is based on the Fighting-System from the JJIF. It is a real combat degree-system.
When you want to go for your next belt, you have to earn the technical part by, first getting points at tournaments. If you earned these combat points you get a technical exam based on your favorite technics. Not the quantity but the quality will be the issue.
The Examiner-Sensei will ask to combine technics from 1st, 2nd and 3rd part and he will also look for the take-over of those technics. He will not ask for example a Ippon-Seoi-Nage but he asks for, (example) coming from part one with a combination of a throw forward and a takedown backwards ending with a lock on the floor. You can find some example-films of color-belts techniques by clicking

The attacks and defends used at exams don’t have to fulfill the rules of the combats. That means that (example) attacks like strangulation with bare hands are allowed in 2nd and 3rd part. Or, Kanibasami in 2nd part as defense with throw + lock/strangulation are allowed.
Of course Self-defense will be a hot item for Blue-belt and higher.
The Japanese Fighting-System is not made for Japan only. Every nation or country can use this system as their way of degree promotion. Or use the Japanese Fighting-system as a second or third system in their country. The National Federation can use the system without charge.
If a National-Federation decides to implant the Japanese Fighting Grading System as (one of the) grading-system(s) in their federation, they can ask a download of the total program by clicking this button.
If the National-Federation needs help with implanting this system, we are willing to help. You can address questions and remarks at our contactpage
We use ZOOM as media when needed.
We hope for great interest in the system created for all the combat jujitsu fighters of the JJIF.

Highest regards
Peter Smid
Japanese Fighting-System assosiation
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